MARANATHA CAMPUS MINISTRIES: a sociological cult revisited

A Dramatic Account of One Man’s Journey Into and Out Of a Sociological Cult

Maranatha Campus Ministries (MCM) was an authoritarian Christian Group that sprang from the Jesus People revivals of the late 1960s. Tik Tok, a former member of this group, posted a dramatic and insightful account of his journey into and out of MCM in the early 2000’s.

His work was an immediate sensation and  many cult watching sites including Fact Net (now defunct), Rick Ross’s cult site (now The Cult Education Institute) and other sites reposted portions of his writings.  One reviewer called Tik’s work the “Magnus Opus of sociological cults” and another that it was “A fantastic novel-like read minus the horrible punctuation”. A former member noted that “A better account of the leadership and their personalities involved [in MCM] could not be written.” His writings elicited a firestorm of controversy among former members of MCM; especially from those who believe that the good of MCM outweighed the bad.

His writing is not only vivid and compelling but Tik also plumbs the both whys and hows of sociological cult membership. He provides insight into how people trap themselves into such groups and by what means that they can rescue themselves.

Tik’s blog, shuttered in 2010, removed a valuable resource for those who want to understand, and respond to, the cult phenomena. We present to you, with Tik’s permission, a new edition of his original blog.

The Editors August 2017

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