My interest in sociological cults grew from my younger brother’s involvement in the Way International in the early 1980s. Although he  left the Way in the 1987 it baffled me that such an intelligent and well meaning person could be lured into a cult. I watched in pain as he devoted seven years of his life to their cause and in the process destroying himself physically, financially and emotionally. He left the Way physically in 1987 but spent years breaking free mentally.

Later we both determined to understand what had happened to him and  and why.

We begin reading all we could about  sociological cults including ground breaking books like Steve Hassan’s Combatting Mind Control and Michael Langone’s Recovery From Cults: Help For Victim of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse. I visited websites including Rick Ross’s forum and (sadly) the now defunct FACTNET site to help my brother as he struggled for years to put his experience behind him.

I stumbled across Tik Tok’s writings in late 2006 through a link to his website everynationexposed (http://everynationexposed.blogspot.com/) on FACTNET.

I devoured every sentence of TIK’s account. I can recall reading his blog for almost eight hours straight in a sitting. At the time I thought it one of the best personal account of cult membership, not just due to Tikie’s riveting writing and vivid descriptions, but also because of the way he plumbed the whys and hows of sociological cult membership.

One reader wrote of Tikie’s blog in 2006 that it was, “The Magnus Opus of sociological cults,” and another said of the blog, “A fantastic novel-like read minus the horrible punctuation.” A former member noted that, “A better account of the leadership and the personalities involved [in MCM] could not be written.”

Numerous comments left on his blog testified to the help it provided  readers in  better understanding of sociological cults. Tikie provided not only clear insight into how a sociological cult uses a person’s own mind as a prison, but also importantly, provided guidance on how to break free from this prison.

Tikie’s original writings were posted on, and linked to, many anti-cult websites and attracted wide spread attention.  The shuttering of Tikie’s blog in 2010 removed a valuable resource to those who want to understand, and respond to, the cult phenomena.

Some may readers might ask,”How could a story about a college campus ministry that disbanded over twenty-five years ago be relevant today?”

The first answer to this question is that manipulative sociological cults, knowingly, or unknowingly, use the same basic tactics to entrap members and estrange them from their families and loved ones.  Thus, this account could be of help for those who are trying to understand how cult entrapment works and  help loved ones who are in such a group.

The second answer, a troubling one, is that Maranatha Campus Ministries and its associated groups never actually went away. This is one of Tikie’s hypothesis. A quick search on google reveals there are many churches founded by former MCM pastors who continued the same pattern of abuse that plagued MCM.  Faith Christian church, founded by former MCM Pastors,  is alleged to engage in the same abusive practices as MCM.

This recent article in the CU independent alleges many of the same abuses that Tikie experienced are present at these churches: https://cuindependent.com/2017/04/17/parent-current-resurrection-church-member-speak-accusing-church-abuse-financial-manipulation-grace-faith-christian/


One particular quote in the article above that, “We have lost our sons and daughters” is an utterly heartbreaking one. Unfortunately Tikie’s writings are still  relevant for today’s readers.

Through his blog, in late 2006, Tikie and I began a correspondence about my brother’s experience. This developed into a friendship between us that outlasted his now shuttered blog .

After almost six years of pursuing Tikie (via email and Skype) I gained his agreement to allow me to edit and repackage his original posts that appeared between 2006 and 2009.

My editing consists of both cleaning up many grammatical errors and of changing the structure of his story. Tikie wrote his original blog from a strictly chronological viewpoint which allowed the reader to move through his journey as it unfolded.

Although there is power in this approach, my view was that both a chronological and a thematic organization of his writings would serve the reader better. Thus our plan is to begin with a chronological account of Tik’s entrapment in MCM, then follow this account with thematic posts, and finally to end with his dramatic account of how he broke free both physically and mentally from the group; ending the blog with his final conclusions.

I admit it is a bit frightening to try to improve on what I think is a genre masterpiece but I believe it is worth the try.

Tikie provided me with his original MS Word documents and agreed to give me complete editorial freedom as long as I did not alter his observations or conclusions.  Therefore any diminution in the power of his story and journey are my fault. But my hope is that this new version of Tikie’s story will affect the new reader as much as it affected me when I came across it some nine years ago.

The Editor

Note: All materials in this site are copyrite 2006 by Tik Tok and all rights are reserved by him. Tikie’s writings are used here with  his permission.

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  1. This is interesting to see Tikkie’s writing reposted.

    I have a similar blog titled Maranatha Reconsidered:


    My blog more focuses on and seeks to analyze what happened with this group. If this group started out as perhaps a birth of God what lead to this group drifting so far from that where they only option was to shut the group down? I am sure there isn’t just one answer.

    I especially have an issue with someone writing a book that is supposedly about Maranatha’s history titling the book “Raising Jesus.” Before his death I had quite the debate with that book’s author Tom Cooper. You can see the discussion here:


    I find it shocking that anyone purporting to write about the history of Maranatha would use the wordage “raising Jesus” in the title. As one person commented I am sure that the leaders thought they were “raising Jesus” but their actions especially as time went on did very little of “raising Jesus.” I can think a number of words that the group did to Jesus name such as razing, misrepresenting, but not “raising.”

    I haven’t figured out if Tom Cooper was just that deceived about Maranatha or that after writing his book it was hard to admit his book had major flaws.

    Again I look forward to seeing this blog back in print. Hopefully it will also show the reader’s comments.

  2. And now for something completely different:
    I’m curious: Tik Tok’s choice of pen name — is he an aficionado of The Wizard of Oz?

    Because “Tik Tok” is also the name of a character in Oz — a clockwork mechanical man who appears in Frank Baum’s later Oz sequels (and the 1985 movie Return to Oz, a composite of several of those sequels).

    1. Peach

      I think I now see why you can’t find certain blog posts. The single digit blog posts show up later downs the list. Blog post 2 is right before post 20. 3 is right before 30. It is similar for 4 through 9.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Peach
      We are novices at Word Press- but if you click on the BLOG and scroll to the Bottom you will be able to find all the post (scroll up or down). Try as we might we cannot seem to get the post in numerical order (which was our intent on the drop down box). With full time jobs we simply have not been able to devote time, nor money to fix it unfortunately). Thank you for your comment- we actually never know when we are going to get a post from Tik- and we were happy to see this one come our way earlier this week. Blessings Cathy & John

  3. Peach

    There Are a lot more posts and just nine. If you look on the upper right there is a drop-down titled select a category. If you click on the earth you will see various posts are available to read.

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