#61 Epilogue 2017-Where are they now?

Epilogue 2017- Where are they now?

Greg Ball– served on the Board of Every Nation Church and founded Champions for Christ, a MCM offshoot, and later, an affiliate organization of Every Nation Church. Amid accusations of financial improprieties Greg stepped down from his role at Champions for Christ and Every Nation Church. Greg works as an investment advisor in Austin, Texas.

Phil Bonasso– founded what is now Every Nation Church along with Rice Broocks and Steve Murrell. Amid allegations of financial impropriety Phil stepped down from his role in overseeing west coast Every Nation Churches in 2006. Phil is now listed as a missionary for Bethel World Outreach Church, a subsidiary of Every Nation Church, and is pastor of Story Teller Church located in Los Angeles.

Rice Broocks– founded what is now Every Nation Church along with Steve Murrell and Phil Bonasso, all ex MCM pastors. Rice serves on the board of Bethel World Outreach Church and Every Nation Church and is a frequent speaker on campuses around the world.

Dr. Carl– Tikie’s college advisor and mentor moved from Auburn to teach at a university in his home state of Kansas. Tikie and Dr. Carl still talk frequently on the phone and, on occasion, visit each other. Dr. Carl retired from teaching in 2010.

Mike Caulk– courageously broke his Ann Arbor, Michican church off from MCM in the mid 1980s after a public stance against the leadership’s abusive practices. Mike later stepped down from his role within his church to pursue a career of  teaching in the Ann Arbor area. Mike went on to win numerous awards for teaching and coaching excellence. A much beloved figure in his community Mike passed away, unexpectedly, in 2014.

Missy Caulk- was the driving force behind the move to take the Ann Arbor church out from under MCM. Missy went on to become a successful real estate agent. She continues to run her large real estate agency.

Matt Hatter– Matt, after stepping down as MCM pastor at Auburn, moved to Ann Arbor to join Mike Caulk’s church. Matt and his wife, Allie moved back to Alabama where Matt, with a master’s degree, worked for the State of Alabama in social work for over thirty years. Matt is now retired.

Allie Hatter– Allie, after returning with Matt to Alabama from Michigan, pursued a career in nursing where she won many community awards.

Mom/Martin- Tikie’s red headed frat resident advisor Mom/Martin earned his masters degree in engineering from Auburn in 1980 and later his doctorate from Georgia Tech. He, and his long time wife Jenny, live in the midwestern US where Mom/Martin is a engineering professor at a large university. Their four daughters are now grown and married.

Nick Pappis– left MCM after it imploded and founded a church in Jackson TN.  He also founded Pappis International, Inc, an investment and business consulting company where he served as CEO.  His Word Press website states that ‘Dr. Pappis has also been involved with international think tanks attended by world leaders, titans of industry and…is sought out as a corporate deal marker and acquires corporations internationally for clients.’ Nick was arrested in 2013 in Jackson TN, allegedly for bilking a parishioner out of $ 10,000 in a fraudulent investment scheme.

Sheila– Tikie’s best friend at Auburn earned her degree in Pharmacological Science in 1981. She worked then for some time as a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical  company in central Alabama. Sheila married a promiment Alabama attorney and has four children who are now grown and married. Sheila continues to reside in Alabama with her husband.

Joe Smith- after MCM imploded in the early 1990s Joe begin traveling as an itenarant prophet and evangelist in the southeast. Joe passed away in Florida in 2014.

Tikie and Sissy married some 30 years ago. After working for MPI for four years Tikie then moved into the medical device industry where he held positions of increasing responsibility with large multi-national companies. He is currently CEO of a medical equipment company based in New England. Tikie and Sissy’s two children are attending college.

Miltie Toast– the courageous place kicker that doomed his chances of going full time by confronting Bob Weiner publicly, left MCM in 1986. Miltie is now a succesful real estate investor, and landlord, in Tennesee.

Bob and Rose Weiner– Bob stepped down from MCM when it disbanded in 1989 amidst theological controvery and accusations of authoritarian practices. Bob and Rose continue to publish and sell their Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation (the Red Book) and other studies on their website and Amazon. They now head the Bob and Rose Weiner Ministries Inc.  According to 2013 IRS filings, this ministry reported $310,812 in tax exempt contributions from donors.